What is the best diet plan when using HCG?

Any HCG diet plan that works out is considered to be the best. There are many differences on HCG diet, your success highly relies on which you pick on. HCG can either be injected or taken as pills, but each one has a special diet that must always be followed so that it works successfully.

Contradicting the diet plan can cause very slight loss of weight or very not any whatsoever. HCG is the most trusted diet for weight loss since it has been tried and found to be an original diet. This implies the diet has existed for quite some time and it is not a matter of trial and error.

Meals Approved for HCG diet

hcgmealplanHCG diet is composed of 500 calories every day and is carefully chosen from a special list of different foods. It also consists of high levels of protein, but low carbs. It should contain a little of sugar or preferably none at all.

Meals containing higher levels of protein are more likely to keep you full for long and this helps in eating less generally. Some of the proteins sanctioned for an HCG diet include beef, chicken and different types of fish.

Various forms of beef are allowed like cube steak, ground beef, round steak and many others. Good fish for HCG diet include tilapia, haddock, shrimp, cod, halibut, crab or lobster. Chicken as well as seafood and a good choice because they are composed of beef that is less saturated.

Vegetables Approved for HCG diet

weight-loss-hcg-dietThere exist a mass of vegetables, but for HCG diet only a few are commended. Asparagus, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes and cauliflower are permitted because they make a tasty and excellent meal. Additionally, they are also composed of the HCG diet requirements.

What is unique with the aforementioned vegetables is that their calories level is relatively low. They make perfect filler because of the low calorie content. They are also rich in vitamins, antioxidants as well as minerals and it is advisable you eat them sparingly.
Fruits Approved for HCG diet
On the other hand, fruits significantly contain higher amounts of calories than the vegetables. Fruits also contain fruit sugar (fructose) in fluctuating amounts. Even though they are accepted in HCG diet, it’s advisable not to consume in the same quantity as vegetables especially when aiming at losing weight.

Fruits approved for HCG diet include oranges, apples, strawberries, grapefruits among others. Grapefruits and oranges are perfect for breakfast, however, sweet summer strawberries are a sure delicacy for dessert.

Other excellent and better fruits can be included in your meal once HCG low calorie phase is over. You can use other fruits so as to achieve the maximum vitamin benefit and also reap antioxidants and minerals.

All the foods listed on this article are approved and accepted for “Traditional 500 calorie HCG diet.” This has existed for many years and hundreds of thousands of different persons have experienced steady loss of weight on it.

Finally, nevertheless, the finest HCG diet is that which can easily be followed in a consistent manner and one that can be enjoyed. However, it would be worse if you are not enjoying and equally not seeing any significant change in you. Results only come when you stick to the specific foods approved on HCG diet.

Must I Be On A Special Diet While Taking HGC

Diet is key while one is on a weight loss mission. HGC, for this case are known to catalyze, and in a natural way, the process of shedding off unnecessary and unwanted weight. It is certainly the most recommended route to the direction of losing weight.

Now, what should one be eating and in which manner should they eat during the time they are on these type of ‘drugs’ (as they may be called). There are certain foods, which are prohibited, so to say. On the other hand, some which are most recommended.

The first day:
During the first day, the user of HGC should eat normally. They are sternly warned against overeating. During this time, HGC starts to be assimilated in the body system. It reduces the need for food and the user can be said to lack appetite. This condition amounts to reduction in food intake and thus the first step to a-many-miles odyssey of weight loss. It is important to note that procedure extents to the second day.

Third to fifteenth day:
This is where on e can be said to be on the action of shedding weight. Here, they should strictly adhere to the prescribed program. The foods to be taken are strictly the ones recommended. In addition, the amounts should be low and as per the directions given.

After the fifteenth day:
Starches and sugars should not feature in the diet. In simple terms, potatoes, cereals and candy are the type to keep off from. This is mainly as a way to maintain the weight at the threshold. After fourteen to twenty one days of maintenance, on should include starches and sugars in their diet. This should however be in very low amounts.

One should also start exercising. This should be done at least four times a week. During this period, one should keep weighing himself to ensure that the weight either is going down or remains at level. In case of any weight gain, reduction of sugar and starch uptake is highly recommended. They should also increase the amount of vegetables and proteins.

Recommended HGC meals:

hcg-diet-planThree meals a day are recommended. They should have 500 to 1000 calories level. This is because much calories triggers weight gain. To maintain the weight in the level it had lowered to, one should take a healthy but light breakfast. A half cup of skim milk and the same amount of cereal can perfectly do. Adding an egg with a low-calorie piece of toast is no mistake either.

For lunch, a cup of cottage cheese and similar amount of vegetables, cooked or in salad form, are highly recommended. In addition, a fruit can perfectly do. On the other hand, super should be made of food low in sugar and starch. Proteins are not as bad either.


There are types of proteins, which are not advisable to take for someone who is On HGC. However, some are very much recommended owing to their richness. Examples of the recommended proteins include white chicken, salmon and tilapia blue fish. On the other hand, carrot and cabbages form the list of the recommended vegetables in the process of losing and maintaining weight loss.

How Much Weight Will I Lose When on the HGC Diet?

A few years back, rumors spread all over that the ultimate cure for weight loss had arrived. Everybody wanted to know about this “drug’ and how comes it could be the solution to a problem that had for decades caused sleepless nights to doctors and patients alike. Yes there were people who had tried it and succeeded, going by the before-after pictures displayed to a dumbfounded audience.

Dubious rules

To the medical fraternity and a few people keen enough however, this hcg diet frenzy actually created a bigger problem: the dubious rules that one had to adhere to in order to get results had no convincing reasons to back them. Also known as The Semeons Protocol, these instructions required the user to only take one kind of vegetable per meal and do away with certain soaps and body lotions that were thought to interfere with the weight shedding process.

In addition, the dieter would pledge not to use oil during the treatment period. He or she was also required to only take hcg injections on either a 23 or 46 day cycle. You haven’t heard the worst bit yet: no exercise was allowed! One would just sit there and let the hormone do its magic. Ironically, the manual conspicuously avoided mentioning the daily amounts of dosage.

Did it work?

Yes… and No. While the “conservatives” waited for a go ahead from the doctors, those daring enough proceeded to have a taste. Some of these managed to shed as much as 1 pound per day especially during the first two weeks. Others however either did not undergo any changes or thought that none occurred, due to wrong interpretation of the concept of “weight”.

Mystery solved

After years of research, weight loss experts finally established explainable links between this treatment and weight loss, which were very far from the notions held earlier. To begin with, HCG does not cause weight loss per se. In other words, it does not go into the flesh and eat or dissolve fats. That can only be done naturally with exercise.

Instead, the hormone works in a different way buy combating the internal bodily functions that promote accumulation of fats. One of these is hormonal imbalance, which occurs especially during puberty and menopause. Another one is too much intake of calories with too little or no exercise. Illnesses may also facilitate this accumulation.

The work of this hormone is firstly to reduce unnecessary hunger pangs. Pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals especially have the problem of constantly longing for food even when they are not hungry. HGC can effectively manage this. In addition, it promotes a achievement of optimum homeostasis.

Now, if you can get HGC injection and faithfully observe the daily calorie intake of 500-1500, all you have to do next is exercise. Dieting will not be a problem to you because the treatment will have gotten rid of unnecessary craving in just two or three days.

So you want to know how much you will lose after all these? Well it depends on your body type as well as the efforts you put in exercising. But do not go overboard.

6 Facts About HCG Diet Plan You Should Never Ignore

HCG diet is ideal for overweight cases. Participants in the program lose 1 – 3 lbs daily. The entire program is about modifying eating habit and metabolism. This program encompasses a 500 calorie diet plus intake of lab created natural HCG. The consequent is significant, quick weight loss. Subsequent are facts about the products that ought to be considered.


It Eliminates the Need for Daily Injection:

Modern HCG consumptions still adhere to the original protocols surfaced by Dr. Simeons; however, it is the system of administration that is altered. Daily injections are replaced with oral diet drops protocols. The oral system results are similar to injection; on the contrary, it does not limit age or gander and exhibit few if any side effects.


The Appropriate Sites for Self Injection – If Necessary

The thigh, upper outer arm, abdomen and the hip are the appropriate sites for sub cutaneous injection, also, sub q injection. Yet, if a rookie has to undertake the injection without aid, opt for the thigh and abdomen. The upper arm and the hip are risky thus tricky for self injections. Moreover, whilst on the abdomen, inject centimeters away from the belly button. Use your finger to measure the width; perhaps three fingers away from the belly button.

Thigh self-injection – use the width of your hand, measure and mark upwards and downwards from the knee and the top of your leg in that order. Use the area between for injection; non-the-less, prioritize on the top part of your thigh since the outer contains more nerves and inner thigh bruises often.

The Injection Technique

Using clean fingers, gently gather the fats underneath the skin and within the area of injection. Clean it with an alcohol pad. Press the needle in the gathered tissues and depress the plunger slowly to release the product. Do not rub the area of application otherwise bruising and redness, which is common, will surpass. If you are a rookie, seat whilst injecting. Thus; if dizziness surfaces, you easily rest your head on your thighs. If these conditions are not adhered to and you feel uncomfortable, contact a physician.

Side Effects for Weight Loss Injection


The human body produce HCG naturally. Nevertheless, possibility of slight side effect is common particularly with weight loss injections. In fact, doctors’ caution about the potential risk associated with the treatment. Therefore, conduct a medical practitioner immediately if you come upon the following:

a. Early puberty signs in underage boys.
b. Multiple pregnancy births
c. Hyper stimulation of the ovary in females
d. Breast swelling and irritation around the injection site

HCG Medifast Diet – Healthy Eating

If you are having difficulties adapting to very low cholesterol diet (VLCD), owing to the temptation of filling your food cart with binge foods, adhere to online and/or grocery delivery. Online, the best way to order is via Safeway. Whilst ordering, consider organic foods. In case the local store does not store these foods, they offer kosher foods sections. Kosher are organic foods without pesticides and hormones.

The Buying Guide: What You Need To Know

Buy HCG in powder form rather than the premixed type. The premixed content regardless of the preservation, their quality lasts for 3 weeks to 1 month. It is recommended to take the product within this time frame; otherwise, hereafter, they commence to degrade.

5 Myths About HGC That You Should Never Believe

HCG diet like any other weight loss program if not properly used causes body damages. However, the damage is not life-long because the human body is resilient to various factors. Therefore, recovery is a matter of time and good body care. For instance, HCG weight loss (regardless of the time taken) is about recovering from obesity. Yet, it is associated with the following scare tactics.

5 Myths About HGC That You Should Never Believe

It Ruins the Thyroid

According to Rayzel, for several years she suffered from a thyroid condition. Before she began the HCG diet, she was under thyroid prescriptions (taking 87.5 mcg of Cytomel). After completing her HCG diet, the Cytomel dose was reduced to 12.5 mcg. Presently, she takes little to nothing of the medicine. Therefore, if HCG takes a toll on thyroid, it would have affected her thyroid further. Perhaps the only way of affecting thyroid is by misusing HCG diets.

It Ruins Metabolism Permanently

Ruining metabolism permanently means increasing weight easily. Thus, you eat less compared to individuals with similar body mass. Hence, the affected party commences counting calories to counteract weight increase. This is a scary tactic since the condition is irreversible. Inline with Rayzel publication, she was consuming between 1800 – 2000 calories a day and depending on her mood. Still, 2 years later, she weighs an impressive 123 lbs. In fact, metabolism cannot be ruined permanently. It is during starving that metabolic rate slows down and resumes normalcy in habitual eating.


You Will Never Lose Weight – Ever- Without HCG

If this is the case; then, the user’s body even without HCG cannot lose weight. Meaning, they suffer from hormone abnormalities such as thyroid imbalance and they are oblivious. Thus, the diet does not alter the ability of their body to lose weight. According to Rayzel, she is an imperfect being, we all are. Occasionally, her body weight increased from 123 – 130 lbs yet whilst she was diet. Certainly, something other than food transpired in her body. Regardless, currently, in such incidents, she contains her weight without using HCG diets.
HCG is a Starving Diet – One Loses a Bunch of Muscles Period

According to Barbells and Beakers, science differs from the common sense theory of muscle lose. A review of the latter shows that starving shrink’s muscles, thus achieving lean body mass. However, they argued this natural remedy with science facts where; muscle weight reduction is caused by loss of water and glycogen. Glycogen (for you non-bio dunderhead) is stored glucose. However, both studies affirm that during starving, 14% and 85% energy comes from protein and stored fats correspondingly.

Response to this scare tactic; using hydrostatic (body fat testing machine), Rayzel was able to lose 88% of body fat by simply incorporating HCG diet.

One Regains their Usual Weight Because of Starving

According to the hydrostatic test on Rayzel: in November 2012, October 2013 and April 2014 she lost; 17%, 17.8%, and 15% of body fat; 97.5, 103, and 103.6 lbs of lean mass respectively. To date, she has maintained an impressive 99.5% of fat loss. All it takes is a reasonable workout.